Instruction bicycle rental-ENGLISH

Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing our bicycle rental shop.

We would like to remind you that the bicycle is in your custody until it is returned.

We also remind you of:

always lock the bicycle with the padlock provided.

turn on the lights in the evening, they are mandatory!

For the return of the vehicle we remind you to also deliver the keys to the padlocks, otherwise the payment will be made.

Our shop is closed every Monday, in case your rental ends on this day, please contact us at the following number and wait for the arrival of one of our representatives.

Andrea, +393472298754

if you wish you can also write to us on whatsapp

Don’t leave the bikes in front of the store! the rental ends with the taking in charge of our representative and with the signature of both of them on the appropriate contract.

Thank you for your cooperation

The direction

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